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How To Install Fl Studio On Mac With Wine

  1. How To Install Fl Studio On Mac With Wine Crossword
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Hey everyone, couple of months ago i randomly found a video on youtube where a kid explained how to install nexus 2 with wine/wineskin for fl studio mac. FL Studio comes in 2 OS versions Windows and Mac. See here what is available in which OS version. How to unlock the FL Studio on Mac (and Windows) from trial-mode. If you own FL Studio you can proceed as follows. Additional information: Knowledge Base article on macOS development. MacOS testing and development forum.

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I'm using an old lenovo thinkpad with ubuntu 14.04 on it. Just for fun I decided to test if I could get FL studio to run.

How To Install Fl Studio On Mac With Wine Crossword

  • I updated the repository source for wine, to get access to the latest version of wine. After, 'wine --version' in the terminal outputs wine 1.9
  • I downloaded the setup file for FL 12.2, ran it. The installer finished without any issues, to my big surprise!
  • I right clicked the installed .exe file 'open with wine launcher'Maybe I won't have to upgrade to windows 10 as I feared. Maybe I can even skip getting a new laptop.
  • And holy crap, FL opens! But the text is not showing in the menus.
  • I install winetricks, then do 'winetricks corefonts' in the terminal to install the microsoft fonts.
  • I open FL studio again with wine. The text is displayed now! I increase buffer settings and decrease the visual effects.
  • Open one of the legacy demo projects. It sounds fine! I hear some buffer over/underruns, but this is an old computer after all.
  • I try exporting an mp3. and. it works!

How To Install Fl Studio On Mac With Wine Water

This is awesome. I had never envisioned it being THIS easy to get it running. I like using windows, but having the possibility to use FL on linux as well is a great benefit. Especially for those with older computers laying around. Like me. I'm sure I'll encounter problems as I do more testing, but it looks very very promising so far.