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Omnisphere 2 Vs Hardware Synth

Omnisphere is one of those synths that would probably turn up on just about everyone’s lists. Like many of the synths on this list, Omnisphere (currently Omnisphere 2) combines a number of synthesis techniques, including both oscillators and sample-based source material (including user waves), wavetable synthesis, granular synthesis, and even FM. Nov 29, 2017 Additionally, you can add your own sounds and use those as oscillators or mangle them in the granular synthesis section. However, when compared to other dedicated granular synths like Mangle or PadShop, Omnisphere 2 falls a bit short in terms of editing features. Omnisphere is the only software synth in the world to offer a Hardware Synth Integration feature. This remarkable innovation transforms over 65 well-known hardware synthesizers into extensive hands-on controllers that unlock Omnisphere’s newly expanded synthesis capabilities.

Nov 17, 2016  Omnisphere 2 is the best synth! Greetings I have to put it out there nothing on this planet software synth wise is touching O2! Funny you'll be surptised that a lot of people don't know about it. The third party patches that go with this ARE FREAKIN INCREDIBLE! Im eorking wih some female singer song writers snd they are blown away by the sounds.

Omnisphere and serum: Two giants of the software synth world.

We’ve all wondered how they compare to each other, and today, after thorough analysis of both, we will come up with a winner.

It is, however, important to note that this article isn’t an attempt to determine which one of these beastly VSTs are ‘the best.’

What is actually the best is far too subjective for any one person to ascertain.

What you are about to read is merely a comparison of 2 industry leading virtual instruments in order to help you understand the differences and similarities between them.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing either one, or if you own both and struggle with which one to use for a particular task, you could benefit from the information in this article.

If you’re not familiar with either of these, we strongly recommend checking them out.

You should also check out splice, where you can try out serum and other plugins for free for 3 days and then pay a monthly fee starting at 4.99$.

We’ll start with the most obvious differences, then we will break things down into various sections:

Obvious Differences

Omnisphere 2 is an 8-part multitimbral VSTi, meaning you can play up to 8 different sounds at once with one instantiation.

Serum can only play one sound at a time, so if you want to play more than that, you’ll have to have to use a different instantiation for each different sound you use from it.

Spectrasonics hasn’t provided a demo of Omnisphere 2 yet, so there is no way to test it out unless you buy it. A demo version of Serum is available with Splice.

To get more acquainted with each synth, please check out the links below:


Omnisphere 2 comes withover 400 new waveforms each of which is a morphing wavetable.

Ethnic instruments and unusual sound sources like a burning piano are also included and can be used as oscillators.

Additionally, you can add your own sounds and use those as oscillators or mangle them in the granular synthesis section.

However, when compared to other dedicated granular synths like Mangle or PadShop, Omnisphere 2 falls a bit short in terms of editing features.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Serum on the other hand, comes with 144 wavetables and also gives you the ability to draw waveforms or load your own sounds and use them as oscillators.

Aside from being an “advanced wavetable synth”, Serum is also capable of performing additive and VA synthesis with classic waveforms (saw, square etc.) + a sub oscillator + noise oscillator.

Because of the array of waveforms and synthesis techniques that can be applied in both synths, they both could very well be referred to as modern hybrid synthesizers.


Serum has a variety of filter types. All the filters from Xfer’s LFOTool are included in addition to some new ones like Flangers, Phasers and the dirty sounding French LPF.

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There are also Dual Filter types allowing you to morph between filter types.

Omnisphere 2 boasts a more flexible filter engine and 8 new filters giving you the ability to create your own filter sound with stereo control, drive and a host of other parameters to further customize your filters.

Also, it now includes all of the filters from GForce Software’s virtual synth, “impOSCar”.


Personally, my favorite thing about Serum’s modulators is how easy it is to drag and drop a modulation source to a destination.

This makes for a much faster workflow when creating or editing complex a patch.

Then there are the drawable LFOs, Envelopes and Macros which, depending on your preference, are more fun to play with than mousing around with percentages or virtual knobs.

Omnisphere’s Modulation Matrix is unbelievably massive and flexible!

Almost every parameter can be modulated and there are a plethora of modulation sources and targets.

All 4 Effect Racks’ parameters, all the granular parameters, all the FM parameters, numerous parameters in the arpeggiator and envelopes can all be modulated by a multitude of sources.

But with all this modulation power, there is no drag and drop ability.


In addition to Serum’s classic synth effects and advanced effects such as a multiband compressor, Serum can be used as a dedicated FX processor as well.

Off the top of my head, the only other synths I can think of that have this feature are Native Instruments Absynth 5, FM8 and Reaktor 6.

Omnisphere 2 vst free download

The results of running an audio source through an effect with synthesizer parameters can be extremely inspiring and a lot of fun!

Omnisphere 2 has a wider variety of effects.

Vintage effects like echoes, choruses and compressors as well as various reverb types are included.

You can also record yourself playing live. At installation you will be prompted for the vstplugins folder directory. How to find area math The installer will attempt to locate an existing vstplugins folder, or you can specify your own. With these controls, you can load existing MIDI files for the ARIA Player to play back using Garritan samples. Clicking File Save As Default saves all settings and instruments that are currently chosen so that they automatically load each time you start the program.The standalone ARIA Player also features a MIDI and audio recording system located on the bottom of the screen.

Omnisphere Vs Hardware Synth

And remember, all of the parameters in each effect can be modulated. This does come at the cost of higher CPU usage, however.

I’d be curious to see what kinds of sounds could be generated if Omnisphere 2 was able to be used as a dedicated FX processor, but that feature isn’t available.

Omnisphere Hardware Synth

Overall Winner

Omnisphere 2 Free

I think Omnisphere 2 has a better sound library and is well-rounded as far as sound selection thanks to some of the best sound designers of our time, Eric Persing and Diego Stocco. Therefore, it takes the prize.

Hardware Synth Like Omnisphere

Serum may have a more flexible wavetable engine and deeper sound design capabilities with the wavetable editor, formulas and additive engine.