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Difference Between Garageband Ios And Mac

Compared to the Mac version, the iOS version loses some depth when it comes to mixing options (EQ, compression that sort of thing). It does however have a great selection of touch instruments and a few excellent iOS only features like the Beat Sequencer.

Logic Pro X vs. GarageBand: Garageband is an online digital audio workstation that works on iOS and Mac devices. Developed by Apple, the application is available as a free to use platform for iOS users. The surprising fact about the entire system is the improvement it went with every upgrade. The developers added instruments, loops, and thousands of synthesizers over the years. Today, Garageband is the most downloaded application on the Apple Store.

With the assistance offered by GarageBand, it is feasible for a music lover and an individual with talent in the music field to create their track or album with ease. The application features MIDI keyboard, pre-made loops, realistic instruments, and software-modeled synthesizers. The user can carry out editing, remixing, and merging two different songs in a few simple steps. Additionally, they can cut a portion an existing song, add voice file from coming from a different source, and create a remix to the version. The digital audio workstation has everything that music passionate would like to see in the equipment.

  • The choice to upgrade from an older version of GarageBand is easy. When you upgrade, the old version stays on your Mac and is renamed GarageBand 6.0.5. Should you be unhappy that you can't create podcasts in the newest version or miss Magic GarageBand, you can always use the older version. Updated 10/23/13 2:30PM.
  • Use the track controls in GarageBand for iPhone. Each Touch Instrument has a set of track controls that lets you adjust its volume level, pan (stereo) position, and effect levels. You can also solo the instrument to hear it by itself, quantize or transpose the recordings on the.

The major feature provided by GarageBand is the unique system it runs on – free edition with the complete set of musical instruments and synthesizers that help in creating a tune. With the support of the platform, budding artists have the ability to learn and experiment with all the tools available at their disposal, create a peppy song or theme, and share right from the application to the world using social media platforms. Such a task is beneficial for learners who do not possess the right equipment or the monetary support to bring out a track or tune out into the market.

About of GarageBand

Important features of GarageBand include Audio Recording, Virtual Software Instruments, Guitar Features, MIDI Editing, and Music Lessons.

The Audio recording feature is helpful in bringing in the audio files and uses the available layers to create and enhance an existing track or use them with a pre-loaded mix to remaster the audio file. The virtual software instruments possess all the musical instruments and software-modeled synthesizers. It even has MIDI editor for enhanced support for a core music lover who wishes to alter the entire output of a song/theme/track.

The added Guitar features are incredible and provide the needed equipment for rock and alternative rock lovers. They now have everything they require – the guitars and the drums! The music lessons are something new in the program. With the assistance of this, it is feasible for the user to acquire knowledge on the entire program. Additionally, users can download guitar and piano classes from the Lesson Store available in the software.

Garageband Ios 12

Given the significant benefits and features, as you just saw in the above paragraphs, Garageband has become the top choice for every music lover who wishes to improve their skills and earn money by creating tracks.

About Logic Pro X

Apart from Garageband, users can try an alternative – the Logic Pro X. It is another digital audio workstation created by Apple. The best element is the presence of the MIDI sequencer. After Garageband, Logic Pro X takes the second position as the leading DAW. Similar to that of the GarageBand, Logic Pro X too provides software instruments, audio effects, editing features, recording features, and music synthesizers. In addition, it even supports royalty free loops!

The software instruments included in the application include the drum kit, drum machine designer, retro synth, Ultrabeat, vintage B3, vintage electric piano, and so on. Users can vary the modulation of the output of these instruments and create a perfect track according to the occasion. The latest version also has a sample manipulator, and a user can upload a MIDI instrument track with all the information.

Features of Logic Pro X

Other features include audio effects such as guitar pedal amps, delay effects, dynamic processors, equalization editors, imaging processors, modulation tools, and much more. It requires a little experience to use all these features. However, for a beginner, it is exciting and the best opportunities to utilize them all, learn, and come out with the best track.

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As you have seen that you now possess two digital audio workstations at your disposal, it is time to choose the perfect one that will fulfill the requirement. You can only select either of the two apps and perform well when you know about the advantages and disadvantages that these applications are offering. Let us see pros and cons for both the products.


  1. Sound card support
  2. MIDI recording through USB
  3. Loop Intelligence
  4. 16bit 44.1MHz sample rate
  5. Multitrack recording
  6. Import MIDI files
  7. Music notation view
  8. Freeze and lock functionality


  1. Mic hookup
  2. Mixing tracks at times
  3. Incapable of exporting MIDI tracks
  4. Low loop quality at times
  5. No MIDI output
  6. Delay observed while recording MIDI


  1. Stability
  2. It includes all the software instruments, loops, and FX at the bargaining price that any music lover can download it from the App Store
  3. It works according to the processor of the CPU, making it function efficiently


Difference Between Garageband Ios And Mac Download

  1. Not a cross-platform application
  2. You can create batch fades by going to the inspector but not using the fade tool or key command
  3. It does not reach up to the expectations in comparison to its predecessors

You now have a clear picture of the differences between Garageband and Logic Pro X applications developed by Apple. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of the programs, it is time for a beginner or a music enthusiast to choose the best between the two and begin creating songs or an album that they can share with the world. It will be the first step towards gaining popularity in the fiercely competitive music industry. Additionally, these tools are also helpful for beginners who do not possess the money to acquire fancy equipment that helps in creating music. As they can carry the application on their phone, they can create the tune whenever the need arises and it any point of the time.


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The iLife version of GarageBand still has no smart instruments like the IOS version. You probably don't have a touch screen on your Mac.

You can use musical typing or connect a midi keyboard to play virtual instruments however; and in the JamPacks are some instruments that will play chords: Eighties Power Chords, Dobro Chords, Flamenco Guitar, ..

Musicradar omnisphere 2 review. A Left/Right setting lets you pick which side of the keyboard is affected on either side of the Bias point. The range of modulation can also be multiplied by 4 using the 4X button.Most patches included use more than one layer per patch.

The many Drum Kits from the Remix Tool JamPack can also be plaid from the 'Musical Typing' window.

And (for me at least) in many cases the ready made loops will suffice or can be edited to do what I want.


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