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Serato Scratch Live Effects List

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Serato DJ 1.3 brings FX Expansion packs, favourite effects list, slip mode and finally comes to Twitch and VCI-300.

30 May, 2007

Scratch Live 1.7.2

DJ Hardware Filter Hardware type All Controllers Mixers & Interfaces Accessories Manufacturer All Akai Pro Allen & Heath Denon DJ Gemini Hercules Korg Mixars Novation Numark Pioneer DJ Rane Reloop Roland Vestax Serato Software DJ Lite DJ Pro Studio DVS compatibility All DVS included Supports DVS Price All $ $$ $$$ Sort by Popularity. Skip navigation Sign in. Rane sixty-eight for serato scratch live. operator’s manual. 2.0.1 sixty-eight two computers, two usb ports, four decks and a range of effects.

Version 1.7.2 of Scratch Live includes support for Windows Vista, a TTM 57SL firmware update which includes a new Hold Echo effect plus more, and improved Auto BPM and Auto Gain algorithms. There's also a long list of bug fixes and minor tweaks to make your Scratch Live experience more enjoyable.

Please note: While we are confident that upgrading to Scratch Live 1.7.2 is safe, it's always better to be safe than sorry - we recommend that you safeguard your audio files, Scratch Live crates and configuration files by making sure you have a recent backup, prior to installing or upgrading.

- To back up your crates and configuration files follow the instructions at the bottom of this post.

- You should always keep an up to date backup of your audio files regardless of what release you're using, as these can easily be lost or corrupted by a hard drive or system failure even if you are not using Scratch Live.

This version of Scratch Live includes support for the Microsoft Vista operating system. Note that we recommend Windows XP over Vista, most notably for performance reasons. You will be able to run XP at a lower USB buffer setting, meaning lower latency and better performance using XP than is achievable with Vista.

Vista Support:
The Windows installer includes new Vista drivers for the SL 1, TTM 57SL and the MP 4.

If you have already previously attempted to run Scratch Live on Vista already using the old XP drivers, connect your hardware before running the installer and the driver update process will take place automatically during installation.

TTM 57SL and MP 4 First Time install:
- Before installing Scratch Live, plug your hardware into your PC.
- A 'Device Software Installation' pop up will appear, allow this process to complete.
- Run the 1.7.2 installer (setup.exe), the necessary drivers will be automatically loaded during the installation. During the installation you will be asked whether to install software for each connected device, choose 'Install this software anyway..'.

SL 1 First Time install:
- Before installing Scratch Live, plug your hardware into your PC.
- A Found New Hardware wizard will pop up.
- Cancel the New Hardware Wizard. A message will appear telling you that your 'Unknown device' may not work properly, this can safely be ignored.
- Run the 1.7.2 installer (setup.exe), the necessary drivers will be automatically loaded during the installation. During the installation you will be asked whether to install software for your device, choose 'Install this software anyway..'.

Installing the new drivers for Vista if you already have the XP drivers installed:
- Make sure your hardware is plugged in.
- Run the 1.7.2 installer.
- During the installation a window will pop up briefly to indicate that your drivers have been updated.

Driver Update tool:
If you don't have access to your Scratch Live hardware during installation, you can update or install your drivers later using the Driver Update tool. This is installed along with 1.7.2, by default it will be located at C:Program FilesSeratodriver_updater.exe. The process is simple, and works on both Windows Vista and XP to ensure that the correct drivers are being used:
- Plug in your Scratch Live hardware - if you have enough free USB ports you can update/install drivers for all of your Scratch Live hardware at once by plugging one of each type of interface (SL 1, TTM 57SL, MP 4) in at once.
- Follow the process described above for each interface you have plugged in, but [u]don't run the installer[/u].
- Run the driver_updater.exe utility, if you are asked whether to install one of the drivers, choose 'Continue anyway..' and the utility will confirm that the driver has been updated.

TTM 57SL and SL 1 ASIO drivers for Windows XP:
ASIO drivers for Windows XP are included as part of the Scratch Live 1.7.2 installer.
Release notes for these can be found here.
The ASIO drivers are not yet supported for use with Vista.

TTM 57SL Firmware Update:
1.7.2 includes a firmware update to v2.10 for the TTM 57SL.
Full details of what the new firmware can do are listed below, but briefly:

- There's a new Hold Echo effect and improved effect controls for the filters.
- You can now deploy all effects into either effect socket. You can now have filters in both effect sockets 1 and 2. You cannot however have echo effects in both sockets at the same time.
- A new bpm tap algorithm and 8 effect dependent BPM multipliers.
- More sensible defaults and ranges for all effects.
- 'Save to mixer' option, per effect slot. These save the current effect state to the mixer for when you use the mixer without Scratch Live connected.
- You can now save the Stereo House Meter and Master Cue button states to the mixer as power-on defaults.

PLEASE NOTE: The version 2 firmware does not work with older versions of Scratch Live! The mixer will still be usable with older versions of Scratch Live, but the effects do not display parameter values on the computer screen, so you will not be able to see how the effects are configured. You will have same control over the effects that you have when using effects without Scratch Live connected.
If you are using a mixer that is not yours and shared by other people please DON'T UPGRADE their firmware without their permission. If you don't click the upgrade firmware button 1.7.2 will run fine on the version 1 firmware.

To update the firmware, click the setup button on the hardware panel of the Scratch Live user interface, and click
The firmware upgrade takes approximately 10 seconds, during which time the mixer will not be usable. If for any reason the firmware upgrade does not work, just turn the mixer off and back on again. It's not possible to damage the mixer whilst performing a firmware upgrade.

Full Details for the TTM 57SL firmware v2.10:
* You can now deploy all effects into either effect socket. You can now have filters in both effect sockets 1 and 2. You cannot however have echo effects in both sockets at the same time.
* A new Hold Echo effect. More details are below.
* A new bpm tap algorithm.
* 8 BPM multipliers, effect dependent
* More sensible defaults for all effects
* More sensible ranges for all effects
* Individual 'save to mixer' options, one per effect slot. Pressing these saves the current effect state to the mixer for when you use the mixer without Scratch Live connected.
* TTM 57SL Echo and Hold Echo effects bpm multipliers are now disabled if unavailable: x2 multiplier is disabled if bpm is less than 40 x4 multiplier is disabled if bpm is less than 80

Hold echo effect details:
* Tapping P1 sets the BPM
* Turning P1 fine tunes the delay time (there is a lot of acceleration on this, so a slow turn will give a very small change, a fast turn will give a very big change). Reinserting the effect (B1 or B2) will resync the BPM to the track, just like the older firmware does.
* P2 controls the recirculation
* Uninserting the effect clears the echo tail
* Changing the BPM with Tap resets the multiplier to 1
* Delay multipliers: 4, 2, 1, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
* The wet/dry control has no 'dip' in the center

Filter details:
* The entire frequency range covered in one rotation of P1
* There is a visual representation for LFOs in filters (frequency shows Fc and depth)
* Effect multipliers: ¼, ½, ¾, 1,2,4,8,16
* A single tap of P1 re-syncs LFO (to Fmax for LP filter, and Fmin for BP and HP filter)

Serato scratch live windows 7

Serato Scratch Live Effects List In Windows 10

* Footswitch B1 is Tap Tempo
* Footswitch B2 is effect on/off
* Footswitch B3 is switch effects socket (same as pressing the 'deck' button)

Downgrading firmware back to v1:
If you have upgraded your firmware to v2 and for any reason wish to downgrade to v1 (eg. to use 1.7.1 at a gig) please do the following:
- Run 1.7.1 with the mixer attached
- Power off the mixer
- Power on the mixer with the two high kill buttons held down
- The kill lights will all be lit up red, and the firmware will downgrade to the version that shipped with 1.7.1

Improved Auto Gain:
1.7.2 has a slightly different approach to Autogain. In this version, the auto gain value is always calculated, but only applied if the 'use autogain' option is checked in the set up screen. If you uncheck this option, the gain will return to the original value. There is also a target gain dropdown menu next to this option, that sets the target gain that you would like. The target gain is changed on the fly - if you change the target gain while a song is loaded to a deck, the change will apply the next time a song is loaded. (You don't need to rebuild overviews to change the target gain once they have been analyzed).

Tweaking an auto-gain value automatically saves the new value as the auto-gain value. To return to the original calculated value you can alt-click the knob. This can be useful for fine tuning the autogain setting if the user finds that a particular tracks autogain value isnt quite right.

Improved Auto BPM:
The auto bpm algorithm has been improved yet again. It is now more accurate than ever!

A bpm range can now be selected from the interface disconnected screen, that will ensure that the correct bpm is calculated for your songs (so you don't get half or double time bpms). Also, a higher resolution bpm is now being stored within each file.
TTM 57SL specific changes:
- The default Stereo House Meter and Master Cue button states for the TTM 57SL can now be saved from the TTM 57SL setup screen. Once saved, these should be correctly restored when the mixer is powered up, either while connected to ScratchLive or in standalone mode.

- Fixed TTM 57SL firmware update not working smoothly on some macs

- The TTM 57SL phono sensitivity knob on the 57 setup screen no longer affects the control signal if either of the selected control deck inputs is set to line level. The phono sensitivity control is disabled in this case and cannot be moved from its previously set value. This only applies to the control signal level and does not affect the level of audio when playing from regular vinyl.

Other Changes:
- The 'Protect Library' option now also protects the crate order and subcrate structure.

- Key Lock state is now remembered when using f5/f10 as well as when clicking with mouse

- Fixed a bug where importing tracks from an external drive from the import panel on a mac, and then running the external drive on windows, the tracks would not show up, previously resulting in crates being deleted.

- Many 'Sort Cues Chronologically' bug fixes:
* stopped dragging of cues when chronologically sorted so they can't be dragged out of order
* adding new cues with the keyboard shortcuts no longer messes up chonological order
* no longer get stuck chronologically sorted if make a cue point change and then subsequently check and uncheck sort cues chronologically option
* stopped playback from jumping when unchecking sort cues chronologically option

- Improved responsiveness to slow scratches with a CD player

- Fixed bug where if you have record source line 1 or 2 selected on the SL 1, SSL would start a recording after playing for 3 hours

- Fixed bug where setting a loop end point with platter moving backwards (even slightly) would sometimes cause the playhead to jump forward one loop length forward past the end of the loop.

- Focus is now changed to the crate window when vinyl scrolling through crates so its clear which crate is selected when using subcrates

- The horizontal scroll bar in the crate selector now disappears correctly when the window is wider than the longest crate name.

- Keyboard focus no longer changes from the song list when using ctrl-shift-up/down to scroll through crates.

- Shift-Home and Shift-End can now be used for extending a selection to the beginning or end of the track list

- Crate collapsed state (minimised or expanded) is now remembered correctly between Scratch Live sessions when changed with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

- Subcrates from external drives are now correctly removed if the external drive is ejected while Scratch Live is running

Serato Scratch Live Effects List In Hindi

- Fixed a problem where dragging tracks into a crate would not highlight the target crate. This would only happen where the window border was crossed almost perfectly horizontally, without crossing between crates.

- Removed unnecessary blank space in the crate selector window between the rightmost end of the longest crate name and the right perimeter of the window.

- Fixed Page up and page down with 'center on selected song' on the track list so a different line doesn't get highlighted each time

Serato Scratch Live 2.5 Download

- Fixed a bug so that column settings and crate order is maintained correctly for crates on an external drive when that drive is ejected before exiting Scratch Live

- Increased iTunes song comment compatibility both ways

- Ctrl-Z with Caps Lock on now works on Italian keyboards

- Improved handling of corrupt / incomplete WAV files.

- Simplified Chinese tooltips are now included

- Fixed bug where importing a file called song.MP3 from the import panel would import the file as song.mp3, which could cause duplicates if you import the song from explorer / finder also

- Fixed a bug where you can't select some songs in the import panel if you are viewing a folder with more than 2000 songs in it.

- Fixed bug where a crate can get stuck being highlighted if the crate contents is dragged fast out of the Scratch Live window.

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- Fixed bug where a crash could occur if you unplug your laptop and the OS reports that your battery has 0 capacity.

- If you delete a loop while editing an endpoint with the vinyl, playback now returns to relative mode when the vinyl gets back up to speed.

- Fixed undo track load (ctrl-z) behaviour to remove track from end of review list and revert played state to what it was before the track load (green/white). Additionally, pressing ctrl-z twice will reload the track.

- Rearranging tracks while in reverse numerical order now works as expected

- Some MP3 comment fields that were previously ignored are now showing in Scratch Live. Also, some Scratch Live comments that weren't showing up in iTunes now show up in iTunes.

- Fixed more mp3s from crashing the overview builder and improved detection of corrupt MP3s.

- Fixed Tap Tempo bug where the bpm in the playlist window wasn't getting updated immediately.

- Fixed id3 v2.4 Year tags not being read/written.

- Fixed bug where some MP 4 deck controls would go missing when switching from a TTM 57SL /SL 1 to the MP 4 when the decks were in relative or absolute mode.

- Added alt-up / alt-down bpm multiplier. Alt-up doubles the bpm, and alt-down halves the bpm. This works both when editing the bpm in the track list and when using tap tempo.

- BPM sort now ignores decimal places in the BPM, as requested by users. These aren't usually visible in the song list BPM column, but can be viewed by double-clicking on a BPM value, as if to edit it.

- Fixed a bug where typing with the keyboard to jump to a BPM while using reverse sort jumps to unexpected value.

- Searching on non-english characters (eg. ä and ö) has been improved.