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Meaning Of Scratch A Living In English

  1. Meaning Of Scratch A Living In English Movie
  2. Meaning Of Scratch A Living In English Version
  3. Meaning Of Scratch A Living In English Translation
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scratch out a living

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Principal Translations
scratch out a livinginformal (struggle to earn money)ganarse la vida
Even with two jobs it's hard to scratch out a living in this city.
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  1. intransitive/transitive to pull your nails along your skin, especially because you have an itch that makes you want to do this

    Scratch my back for me, will you.

  2. transitive to cut someone’s skinslightly with something sharp

    The tree’s branches had scratched his hands and they were bleeding. Virtual dj driver free download.

    1. to damage a surface by marking it with something sharp or rough
  3. intransitive/transitive to move something sharp against a hardsurface and make a noise
    scratch at:

    I could hear the dogscratching at the back door.

    1. intransitive to producenewsounds by moving a recordbackwards and forwardsquickly with your hand while the stylus is resting on the record
  4. transitive to remove something, for example a word from a sentence or something from a list
    1. to remove someone from a race before it begins
  5. transitive informalto decide not to continue with something such as a plan or a project
  6. transitive informalto write something very quickly and carelessly
  7. intransitive/transitive especially in rapmusic, to producerhythmicscratchingsounds by moving a discbackwards and forwards with your hand

    The turntableallows the DJ to mix and scratch the music that is being played.

    From beatmixing, to scratching, to toneplay – he does it all.


Meaning Of Scratch A Living In English Movie

derived word
  1. Definition of scratch written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.
  2. Scrape definition: 1. To remove an unwanted covering or a top layer from something, especially using a sharp edge.
  3. Synonyms for scratch out a living include scrape by, cope, manage, muddle along, muddle through, survive, get along, get by, make do and scrape along. Find more similar words at!

Related topics: Sport scratch scratch 3 adjective no comparative 1 DS a scratch team or group of people has been put together in a hurry, using anyone that is available 2 DS a scratch player in golf is very good and is not given any advantage in games Examples from the Corpus scratch. The kitchen has a beautiful wooden floor, but it's.


Meaning Of Scratch A Living In English Version

a badlyscratched CD


Meaning Of Scratch A Living In English Translation

This is the British English definition of scratch.View American English definition of scratch.

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