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How Come Omnisphere 2 Keeps Crashing

What is Omnisphere?
Omnisphere is an award-winning, remarkably versatile multi-timbral Power Synthesizer, based on Spectrasonics latest synthesis and hi-definition sampling engine called STEAM. It features a massive 40+GB core library, extensive synthesis capabilities, a fully featured arpeggiator with a unique Groove-Lock system for syncing with Stylus RMX grooves, over thirty built-in effects and much, much more!
What is the STEAM engine?
STEAM is the latest in-house core technology from Spectrasonics - that is the foundation of Omnisphere as well as a whole new generation of Spectrasonics instruments like Trilian!
What's the difference between Atmosphere and Omnisphere?
Virtually everything!
Omnisphere is a completely new synthesizer and the first instrument to utilize our state-of-the-art STEAM Engine. In addition to sample-based synthesis, the STEAM Engine can create entire categories of cutting-edge new sounds with its many realtime synthesis technologies. The core library in Omnisphere is gigantic - ten times the size of Atmosphere!
Does Omnisphere replace Atmosphere?
Yes, Omnisphere is Atmosphere's successor.
What kinds of sounds does Omnisphere produce?
Good ones. :-)
Omnisphere is incredibly versatile and produces a vast range of sounds, from the organic to the electronic. Its primary focus is on producing unique new sounds, but it works equally well as a 'go-to' instrument for any production approach - from the most experimental to the most traditional.
What is a 'Psychoacoustic' soundsource?
'Psychoacoustic' sampling is a new concept that we've been developing at Spectrasonics for a long time. The idea is to use sampling technology to create unique sounds in a totally organic way, instead of the standard approach of using sampling to emulate traditional instruments. Our goal is to capture the 'sound within the sound' of an acoustic source by performing and recording it in unique and creative ways - even going as far as building crazy acoustic instruments from scratch! When Psychoacoustic soundsources interact with the powerful STEAM engine, the result is Organic Synthesis!
Does Omnisphere include any traditional sounds?
Yes! Although the focus of Omnisphere is on cutting-edge timbres, there are many outstanding traditional sounds in Omnisphere. There are beautiful Orchestral String Ensembles, the largest selection of different choirs and human voices, Celeste, Churchbells, Glass Armonicas, highly expressive Guitars and much more.
Hmmm..Is Omnisphere a 'real' synthesizer or just a 'rompler'?
Omnisphere is no rompler! It is a powerhouse synthesizer that competes with the finest hardware and software synths at any level. Omnisphere indeed has 'real' DSP oscillators that allow Hard Sync, FM PWM, Waveshaping and much more. Its STEAM Engine• also excels at high definition sample streaming - the realtime manipulation features like Granular Synthesis, Harmonia, Timbre Shifting and Polyphonic Ring Modulation can also be applied to the sample oscillators.
It's really the best of both worlds!
Is Omnisphere a workstation synth?
The mission of Omnisphere is all about the creation and manipulation of dynamic new sounds that have never been heard before. However, it's very broad in its sonic scope and will appeal to users all across the musical spectrum. You can think of it more like an 'Exploration-station'. :-)
How large is the core library?
The Omnisphere core library is ten times the size of Atmosphere - over 40 gigabytes! There are currently almost 7,000 different sounds to work with - soundsources, patches and multis - with more being added all the time.
Does it contain all the sounds of the original Atmosphere?
Yes! All the original core library samples and enhanced versions of all the classic Atmosphere patches are included in the current version of Omnisphere.
How have the Atmosphere sounds been 'enhanced'?
The original Patches of Atmosphere have been painstakingly recreated, but we've also enhanced them with the advanced modulation and effects capabilities of the STEAM engine.
I've heard that some of the original Spectrasonics sample libraries are included with Omnisphere?
Yes! As a bonus, we've included the 'best of' our award-winning sample libraries, including Symphony Of Voices, Distorted Reality, Vocal Planet, Hans Zimmer Guitars and many others - please refer to the Reference Guide for a complete list. Keep in mind that the material used from the Sample Libraries are the most playable ones. Phrases and loops were excluded from the Omnisphere core library.
How much of the Core Library is from the original sample libraries?
A very small percentage. The vast majority of the 42+ gigabytes s brand new. And of course, all the patches are brand new and have never been presented before.
Is it possible to import my own samples into Omnisphere?
Not initially. While the first release of Omnisphere does not support user import of samples, we understand how cool that would be and certainly wouldn't rule that out for the future.
Most importantly, the concept of Omnisphere is completely different than a typical sampler. Omnisphere is an incredibly deep synthesizer with a massive Core Library that will take a lifetime to explore.
How fast of a computer will I need to run Omnisphere?
As with all virtual instruments - the faster the better. Omnisphere is designed to run optimally on modern computers.See the System Requirements for more information.
Is there an upgrade for Atmosphere users?
Yes! All registered Atmosphere customers can now upgrade to Omnisphere through the Spectrasonics Techshop.
Is Atmosphere currently still available?
No. Omnisphere has now replaced Atmosphere.
Is Omnisphere expandable?
Yes! We have many plans to extend Omnisphere in lots of different ways in the future.
In fact, you can use Trilian to expand Omnisphere, since it features Omnisphere Core Library integration!
Is Omnisphere native Universal Binary for Intel Macs?
Absolutely. The STEAM Engine• is Universal Binary, just like Stylus RMX.
Is Omnisphere 64 bit?
Yes! All our instruments are 64-bit native on both Mac and Windows. They are fully-operational in 32 bit hosts as well.
Does Omnisphere use disc-streaming?
Yes! Omnisphere streams from the disc for quick previewing of the sounds. Disc streaming is configurable as well.
Is there a DEMO version of Omnisphere I can try?
Because of the size of our instruments, we don't offer Demo versions.
However, you can contact one of our local dealers in your area in order to arrange a live demo of Omnisphere.To find a local dealer in your area, please contact your local Spectrasonics distributor
Will there be some audio demos of Omnisphere on the website?
At some point, yes. Omnisphere is very diverse and we are working on a comprehensive page of Audio demos to post simultaneously. For now, you can hear some of the Omnisphere sounds in the video episodes and there are many user Omnisphere audio demos being posted around various forums.
You can also check Omnisphere out in person at any authorized Spectrasonics dealer.
Are there Omnisphere video tutorials like there are for RMX?
Yes! Just like with Stylus RMX, hours of Video Tutorials taught by the Spectrasonics Team are a major part of the learning experience of Omnisphere. The first batch of Omnisphere video tutorials is now available and there are more in progress. We have also made these tutorials available for all registered Spectrasonics users to view and download HERE.
Will there be any more video demos of Omnisphere for the public?
Yes! We are regularly producing demonstration videos of Omnisphere's capabilities and features for the general public to check out.
Can I download the upgrade?
No. Since the library is over 40 gigs, it will not be available as a download.
Does Omnisphere also include Trilogy?
No. Trilian is the STEAM-based future for Trilogy. An interesting feature of Omnisphere is that it can use Trilian's sounds directly for expansion and further manipulation.
Does Omnisphere have the same FX as RMX? Are there any new FX?
Yes, it contains all the same Effects as Stylus RMX plus several new ones!
What are the multi-point envelopes like in Omnisphere compared to other synths?
Multipoint envelopes have always been extraordinarily useful in synths. However, they've traditionally been rather tedious to program. Our goal with the envelopes in Omnisphere was to offer the expressive power of multipoint envelopes while making them easy, and even fun, to work with!You even can do cool things with them without getting into the details of patch programming. There are many simple and flexible ways to get sophisticated envelope shapes in Omnisphere!
Does Omnisphere include a written manual or pdf?
All our instruments include a comprehensive Reference Guide, which is accessible directly through the plug-in. The integrated Reference Guide is searchable and we can keep it up to date with the software releases. And of course hours of free Omnisphere video tutorials are provided free to registered users on our site.
Can I use Omnisphere on my G4? What kind of performance can I expect? Could I at least run Omnisphere in a minimal mode and bounce to audio?
We are recommending using Omnisphere on more up to date computers, and although you may be able to open Omnisphere on a G4, the performance would be quite limited and not very satisfying.
Can I selectively install parts of the Omnisphere library since it is so large?
Because of patch compatibility, Omnisphere must always be installed with the complete library. However, you can install the 42 gig library to a secondary or external drive if you wish.
Will Omnisphere's streaming benefit from a faster hard drive?
Fast drives are a smart way to go of course. There's a chapter in the Reference Guide devoted to optimizing Performance with Omnisphere.
Can I run Omnisphere side by side with Atmosphere?
Omnisphere and Atmosphere can be run side by side, since they are separate instruments. Keep in mind that Omnisphere is a completely new synthesizer that also includes the Atmosphere library.
Do I need to uninstall Atmosphere before installing Omnisphere?
No, this isn't necessary unless you are no longer going to use Atmosphere.
All of Atmosphere is included in Omnisphere, so you can uninstall if you like. However, it's useful to keep Atmosphere installed to recall older projects.
Will I still be able to open my old sessions using Omnisphere? Will Omnisphere load Atmosphere patches? Will it replace Atmosphere on those sessions with all of their settings automatically?
Omnisphere will not automatically replace Atmosphere in older sessions. You can reselect the same Atmosphere patches in Omnisphere, since it includes the original Atmosphere library and patches.
Will I be able to open custom patches that I made in Atmosphere?
No. Since Omnisphere is a completely new instrument, it's not possible to open custom saved Atmosphere patches in Omnisphere.
However, you will be able to recreate your custom patches with much more choice and flexibility, and also trade and share patches with other users! This is possible because Omnisphere is based on our own technology, and will allow for song compatibility with future updates, just like all the updates with RMX have been song compatible since it's introduction.
Where do I order the upgrade from? Can I get the upgrade through my local dealer?
Upgrades are available exclusively through the Spectrasonics Techshop.
Do I need to have Atmosphere installed before purchasing the upgrade to Omnipshere?
No, but you will need to have authorized and registered Atmosphere.
Can I install Omnisphere on a different drive?
Yes, you can definitely install the library to a secondary or external drive.
Can I order Omnisphere directly from Spectrasonics?
No. Unless you are upgrading from Atmosphere, you will need to purchase Omnisphere through an authorized Spectrasonics dealer. To find a dealer in your area, please contact one of our distributors.
Can I upgrade if I bought a used copy of Atmosphere?
Only if that copy of Atmosphere has been properly license transfered through Spectrasonics. We always recommend purchasing our instruments from an authorized dealer, since special upgrade discount offers are provided exclusively to original users.
Will Omnisphere run on the Muse Receptor?
Yes. Contact MUSE for instructions.
Is there a student discount price for Omnisphere?
Spectrasonics doesn't offer student discounts, however qualifying school's and institutions can participate in our EDU program.
Is it compatible with Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Microsoft Windows 7?
Yes, Omnisphere is compatible with both Windows 7 and OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.
Does Omnisphere use Copy Protection?
Yes, please see the Licensing FAQs area of the Knowledgebase for more information on our system.
Does Spectrasonics allow for used sales/license transfers of Omnisphere?
Please see the Licensing FAQs area of the Knowledgebase for more info on our License Transfer Policy.
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  • Omnisphere 2.6 includes a stunning new “Hardware Library” with over 1,600 new patches created by Eric Persing and the renowned Spectrasonics Sound Development team. Each hardware profile has a corresponding set of sounds in the Hardware Library which were specially designed using that hardware synth as an Omnisphere controller.
  • Video tutorials We will be continually adding tutorials in this space, giving you more info about how to get the most out of Omnisphere. You can view the videos online.

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If your plugin is not listed below, try the steps listed in the FL Studio manual - 'Plugins behaving badly'.
Always start by downloading the latest version of the plugin from the developer and the latest version of FL Studio available to you.


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Solution: Make sure the plugin is activated and the latest version installed.

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Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and disable the 'Send loop position' option. Note: This workaround is not necessary in FL Studio 9.0.3 or higher.

E-MU Emulator X3

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Solution 1: Disable 'Ultra-High Precision Interpolation' within Emulator X3.

Solution 2: Copy the following files into both the WindowsSystem32 and WindowsSysWOW64 folders: - EmulatorXVSTi_lib.dll, found in 'Program Files (x86)Creative ProfessionalEmulator X' - EmulatorXVSTi_lib64.dll, found in 'Program FilesCreative ProfessionalEmulator X'

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Feb 07, 2019  The ION iMX05 MixMeister Express DJ lets you use your MP3s to become the Ultimate DJ at any party! With intuitive drag and drop playlist creation and automatic beat matching, you can create professional sounding party mixes with ease. While your mix is playing, you can use the USB interface to professionally EQ and level the audio. Download and install the latest EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software for your ION USB Recording device: Choose an EZ Converter download from top of this page, and click it to begin your download. Connect your ION USB turntable to a USB port on your computer, and power it on. On your Mac, starting from the Finder, select the Go menu at the top of screen, and choose Applications. In the window that opens, double-click QuickTime Player. At the top of the screen, select File New Audio Recording. Download the Latest Software. Download and install the latest EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software for your Numark USB Recording device. Choose a software version from the right side of this page, and click it to begin your download. Mix Meister USB Recorder/Converter From Ion Most digital MP3 converters we’ve seen so far have been bulky and expensive. It’s about time we get one that is compact and more affordable. Mixmeister ion usb recorder software pdf.

Problem: High CPU load.

Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable the 'Use fixed size buffers' option.

Native Instruments Bandstand

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Native Instruments Kontakt

Kontakt instruments use a special 'scripting' language within patch libraries, and so, some libraries may cause issues while others do not. This depending on the features in use within the patch.

Problem: Crashes

Solutions: Have you worked through the solutions provided by Native Instruments for macOS here and Windows here?

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Solution: Enable 'Align tick lengths' in FL Studio Audio Settings.

Problem: Timing issues in rendered tracks.

Solution: When 'Use fixed size buffers' is in use under 'Wrapper Settings > Processing', disable 'Process maximum size buffers'.

Problem: Experiencing clicks, pops, and CPU spikes within Kontakt.

Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable the 'Use fixed size buffers' option.

Problem: ' OrangeTreeSamples Passion Flute' library doesn't output audio after using FL Studio transport controls.

Solution: Disable 'Reset plugins on transport' in FL Studio Audio Settings.

Problem: Slow loading of patches.

Solution: Within Kontakt select 'Browse > Files > View' and disable 'show network drives, show removable drives, show foreign formats'.

Native Instruments Reflektor

Problem: Audible Buzzes/Crackles/Noises

Solution: Enable 'Align tick lengths' option in FL Studio Audio Settings.

Output Movement

Problem: Spiking/high CPU usage

Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable the 'Use fixed size buffers' option.

Parallax-Audio Virtual Sound Stage 2


Problem: Crashes during rendering.

Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable 'Use fixed size buffers' and 'Notify about rendering mode' options.

Positive Grid Bias FX

Problem: Rendering out of sync.

Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable 'Notify about rendering mode', disable 'Use fixed size buffers > Process Maximum Size Buffers'.

Propellerhead Reason (through ReWire)

Problem: Reason fails to load with either of the following error messages: 1. 'Reason engine unable to open. Please check your Rewire host' 2. 'Could not connect to the Reason engine. The Reason engine is already in use'

Solution: Disable 'Auto close device' in FL Studio Audio Settings.

rcg:audio sfz

Problem: Memory error, 'Out Of Memory'

Solution: From the sfz options set the mode from SF32 to PR32. sfz has a memory bug that sometimes appears in SF32 mode.

reFX Nexus w/ Expansions

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Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable the 'Use fixed size buffers' option.

reFX Nexus 2

Problem: Unexpected CPU spikes.

Solution: Either disable the 'Export with ultra quality' option in Nexus or select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and disable the 'Ensure processor state in plugin callback' option.

Problem: Won't open.

Solution: Update your eLicenser.

reFX Nexus 3

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Problem: Crashes on loading projects. This appears to be related to a plugin crash when more than 3 instances of the plugin are in use in a project.

Solution: Update to Nexus 3.0.8 or later.

Reveal Sound Spire

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Solution: Use the recommended settings provided by Reveal Sound in 'Note For FL Studio Users!'. Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' - Enable the 'Use fixed size buffers' then from the 'More' menu enable 'Use maximum buffer size from host'. Finally, disable 'Allow threaded processing'

Steinberg Hypersonic 2Attention: NO DirectX and DXi plugin support in version 11 or higher!

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Solution: Use the VST version (In FL Studio 11 and under select 'Channel > Add one > More..' scroll down to the VST section).

Siegfried Kullmann Q8L VSTi (Ensoniq SQ80 emulator)

Problem: Audio glitches when using multiple instances.

Solution:DeselectWrapper settings > Processing > Allow threaded processing.

Slate Digital plugins

Problem:No output.

Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable the 'Process inactive inputs and outputs' option.


Sonible Plugins

Problem: Freezes, no output or lagging GUI
Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable the 'Use fixed size buffers' option.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere

Problem: Audible glitches on some presets.

Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable the 'Use fixed size buffers' option.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Problem:Crashing when changing presets.

Solution:Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable the 'Use fixed size buffers' option.

SynthEdit made plugins

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Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and disable the 'Allow threaded processing' option.

Tytel Helm

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Solution: Change Options > General settings > Main GUI scaling to 'System'

Universal Audio

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Solution: Enable LiveTrack Mode on your UAD plugins prior to exporting the project.

LiveTrack Mode is covered on pg. 74 of the UAD System Manual.

VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro

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Solution: Select 'Wrapper Settings > Processing' and enable 'Use fixed size buffers' and 'Process maximum size buffers' options.

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Omnisphere 2 Torrent

Solution: Uninstall AMD Raptr software,

Omnisphere 2 Free Download

Image-Line Support Team